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Duraloy produces everything from basic as-cast static and centrifugal castings to the most complex, finished assemblies. Typical assemblies include large calciners, spiral and bottle/batch retorts, ethylene pyrolysis coils, catalyst and reforming tube assemblies, sink and stabilizer rolls, and complete CAL/CGL line rolls. We utilize our ISO 9001:2008 and European PED registered quality assurance system to insure that each part, from the most complex to the most basic, are exactly to customer standards and specifications.

Duraloy has differentiated itself from other foundries by our commitment to development and introduction of new and improved alloys. From the pioneering development of niobium stabilized HP alloy (MO-RE® 10) in the 1950's, through the development of high temperature alloys like 22H®, Super 22H® and MO-RE® 2, Duraloy has continually lead the industry in the development of new and better alloys.

With the addition of Supertherm®, the TMA® family of alloys, and, most recently, the addition of nickel-aluminides to the alloys we offer, Duraloy can supply the widest range of alloys to meet your needs.

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Duraloy Technologies, Inc. is a U.S.-based, world-class supplier of specialty high alloy, centrifugal and static cast components and assemblies for the steel mill and steel processing industries; petrochemical, fertilizer and refining industries; and the commercial heat treating industries. Since our founding in the early 1920's, Duraloy has been the industry leader in the development and production of specialty heat resistant alloys.

In our Scottdale, Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities, Duraloy provides a single source for all of your centrifugal casting, static casting, fabrication, machining and quality assurance needs.  

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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
Duraloy hosts AIST event and plant tour.

AUGUST 13, 2015
Duraloy and USW reach agreement on contract extension.

JULY 15, 2015
Duraloy has U.S. Department of Energy project results published.

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